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Intelligence is not the ability to store information.

But to know where to find it. Finding high quality information is invaluable but difficult. We believe solving this problem is a necessity. Project Credo is a community and a platform that makes credible sources the focus, not the appendix. Here you can find others who believe evidence can help us make better decisions. Our mission is to make research accessible to the public. It begins by building the space and tools to share high quality information easier.

Over two million scientific papers are published a year. We're building a collaborative research tool to make this flow of ideas, studies, and data useful for everyone.

our value

An evidence-based commons to share and learn.

Anyone can research and share information on Project Credo on any topic that's important to them. Build an audience to share the newest papers in your field. Work with collaborators to find evidence on a shared topic. Or use Project Credo to research and collect papers for yourself. Together we can build a better connection to academic sources.

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